And that's a wrap !

Thought I was never going to finish in time, but here I am, my 'game' uploaded before the deadline... It looks somehow like this :

But honestly, when it moves it's much nicer :)

So if you're feeling brave, install python and pygame, and enjoy ! Many things I planned to put in there were left out, and I'll probably do a proper post-mortem of my experience at a later time.

It was both very fun and a very good challenge, anyway. I'll probably come back to that project to properly finish it, I think it has some kind of potential.

Anyway, links !

Ludum Dare entry page
Actual file (source code, you need python and pygame to play...)

Of course, I'm very interested in any kind of feedback you could have... Comment away !


Pascale said...

Well dooooone!!!

(Haha, I knew you were going to go sleep at 3am XD)

Helmholz said...

Cool, man. My feedback is when you make it dummyproof for me, I will play it.

I like the idea of the player only being able to see the cone of light in front of him.

Grungi Ankhfire said...

@Pascale: Yeah, couldn't help it. You know, "that last little bug"...

@Helmholz: Thanks ^^ Don't worry, I'll be sure to spam you with a link asap !