Ludum Dare - Once again :)

As was the case 4 months ago, I took part last weekend in a game-making competition called Ludum Dare.

As a reminder, the goal is to create a game from scratch in 48 hours, which is quite the challenge. This time, the theme was "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!". I managed to make a 3D game (a first for me) during that time, in what was a frantic but fulfilling week-end.

That's the game in question. With unfortunate screen tearing when doing the screenshot :(

If you'd like to see what I was able to come up with, you can go on my entry's page, or use one of the following links :

Windows (zip)
Windows (installer)
Linux (32bits deb)
Linux (64bits deb)
Mac OSX (zipped .app)
Source code (dependency : Panda3D)
ArchLinux (32bits)
ArchLinux (64bits)
There should be something for everyone there :D I'd be of course very grateful for any feedback you may have.
If you want, you can also read up the couple of posts I made during the competition (and after) on the Ludum Dare blog. I had a blast, and I urge anyone with an interest in making games to try and participate once. Not only is it loads of fun, it's also extremely enlightening. Not to mention you'll go from not having a game to having one over a single weekend !

A gameplay screenshot :)


Helmholz said...

Just played through it on medium, it's a neat little game for 48 hours.

In my first successful run on medium I had the interesting happenstance of getting caught as I exited:

Are the signs randomly generated? Some of them seemed impossible or extremely unfair to get by, e.g. two vertical panes next to each other and a horizontal with the pipe on the ground.

Grungi Ankhfire said...

Haha, weird :D Never had that bug before! As for the sign, yes, the placement is random, I tried to prevent te signs from being placed too close from one another, but I failed... Anyway, thanks for trying it out :D I'm definitely going to expand on this one.