A month, a game #1 : Sonic Rush

What the hell ?

Out of all the games I'm currently playing, I managed to finish that one first ? Ah well, guess it was the nostalgia factor. I was a fan of Sonic once, especially of Sonic Chaos on the Sega Master System. That said, I only managed to complete the main mode once, with Sonic, without any Chaos Emerald. And I'm not going to try and get them, it would be too hard, and the game isn't THAT good. It's fun, but nothing more. Fun and fast, to be fair.

So I won't praise it using a plethora of superlatives like I'll probably do with Persona 4 which I should complete soon. That one is going to be a much longer post...

Well then, farewell for now !


Pascale said...

oooh, nostalgia!

I was so bad at this game on Master System! haha!

Looking forward to your Persona 4 post!

Kevin said...

You'd better finish Persona 4 on another difficulty setting than "easy" :D
Hard mode is actually challenging, something you don't see much nowadays.

And don't forget that I STILL have 4-5 games for you.

Grungi Ankhfire said...

I won't forget that :) Though I recently started Disgaea, FINALLY.

And for P4, the plan is to do two other playthroughs, one on Normal, then on Hard. But for the first time around... Well, you know me, I tend to rush ahead and end up stuck (like against a certain golem on a certain bridge >_>)...